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I'm Thomas, an independent art manager and researcher based in Berlin.

As an art manager, I co-founded the annual seekult festival at Lake Constance, coordinated the distribution office of the Berlin Performing Arts Program and the international activities of the Berlin Performing Arts Festivals. I oversaw the PAF&friends Festival, the development of the festival networks Bridging the Scenes and Festivalfriends, the Festivals discourse and professional visitor program 2016 - 2020 and its international collaborations. 

Furthermore, I was involved in the founding of EAIPA (The European Association of the Independent Performing Arts) where my focus shifted to research. I led the research project "An Introduction to the Independent Performing Arts in Europe," published by EAIPA in 2018 in a first and in 2021 in a second edition. As a research associate I joined the research group "Configuration of Crisis" at Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich in 2020. In this context I am currently developing a neo-institutional approach to the organizational field of independent performing arts in Europe and an analysis of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the Performing Arts in the D-A-CH countries. 

Today, my involvement in the producing performing arts is limited to jury and committee functions, i. e. at the "Verbindungen Fördern" funding program of the German Federal Ministry of Culture and Media or at Schloss Bröllin residency program. ​

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